Urad Dal Burfi

It’s a fudge made with black lentils to amaze your guests in this festive season. Made with pure ingredients n love ,a nutritional sweet to cherish on Deepawali.

Only 5 ingredients are needed:-

1.Black lentils washed and soaked 2 cups

2.Sugar 1n 1/2cups

3.10-12 Saffron threads soaked in 1tbsp warm water .

4.Ghee or clarified butter 1 cup

5.Cardamoms 4-6

6. Crushed cashews 2tbsp.

Method:- 1. Firstly get the soaked urad dal(lentils) ground in a food processor.

2. Heat the ghee in a deep kadai,add cardamoms to it and then ground lentils.

3. Cook till it leaves ghee and becomes pinkish brown in colour.

4. Add sugar and cook till it dissolves completely.

5.Add saffron water to it and mix properly.

6. Grease an edged plate and pour this mixture over it.

7. Spread smoothly with spoon or spatula, garnish with cashews.

8. Keep aside for an hour , cut into pieces and serve.

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